Swiss School of Business & Management (SSBM)


Meinisbergweg 7C, 2542 Pieterlen, Bern, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
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Institute Description

Swiss School of Business & Management (SSBM), as an Institution provides alternative means to secure higher education. The Business School is committed to the belief that each individual is unique and requires personalized treatment.

Moreover, when individuals are given the opportunity to develop personal skills and knowledge, they become greater assets for the society at large. Its aim is to provide degree programs for students who can demonstrate the capacity to engage in study activities.

  • Provide quality education at affordable fee and play a catalytic role in the success of its students.
  • Provide a rich learning environment that builds upon the student's experiences and existing capabilities.
  • Provide education which not only adds to the information of the learners but also prove to be of lasting benefit to the student's personal growth, professional excellence, and career advancement.
  • Positively contribute to the welfare of humanity, human advancement, and world brotherhood through educational camaraderie.
  • Design new and innovative programs and continuously improve its existing programs making it relevant to the personal and work needs of the learners.

In achievement of the above noble objectives, the School encourages everyone to join its innovative and intellectual courses. The obvious advantages of studying at SSBM are due to the following major factors:

  • Innovative, practical, and up-to-date courses.
  • Highly affordable and reasonable fees.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty members and advisors.
  • Flexible and self-paced learning experiences.
  • Education designed for personal growth, professional excellence, and career advancement.
  • Recognize prior educational achievements and experiential learning.


  • To create and disseminate research-based knowledge in management that influences scholarship, practice and policy.
  • To develop and enhance business leadership through innovative world class programmes in management.
  • To utilise the knowledge and expertise to engage with business, government and society, and to contribute to the welfare and development of the community at local, national, and global levels.
  • To have distinguished faculty with practical experience and teaching experience to teach courses and provide a global perspective in Graduate and Post Graduate Educational programmes.