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Pavillon des Sciences de la gestion, Room R-1020, 315 St. Catherine Street East, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - H2X 3X2
Quebec, Canada
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Institute Description

ESG UQAM’s internationalization has been multi-faceted. It has students from 105 Countries; 65 student mobility agreements with universities throughout the world; opportunities for double-degree programs with foreign institutions; and numerous fruitful research partnerships.

Also, its Executive MBA is offered in 11 Countries in French, English and Spanish. Each year, it trains more than 300 managers and executives in Montreal, and 400 internationally.

Mission:  As a Francophone school of management in North America, ESG UQAM bases its activities and its development on the values of excellence and quality, with a view to social responsibility and sustainable development.


  • Offering international-quality undergraduate and graduate credit programmes and non-credit training activities in order to train top-level managers and professionals with integrity, a critical sense, social responsibility and an open attitude to the world;
  • Developing world-class activities for research and the dissemination of knowledge, to the benefit of organizations and society in general, nationally and internationally;
  • Contributing directly to the development of various socio-economic groups and society in general, in Quebec, Canada and around the world;
  • Responding to the needs of the School’s various stakeholders: its students, its faculty, its staff and administrators, its alumni, the University, organizations, associations and professional bodies, and various  socio-economic groups.


  • Adequately meet the current and future training needs of managers, professionals and entrepreneurs in Quebec, Canada and abroad;
  • Develop and maintain international quality standards in teaching, research and community service;
  • Increase the number of publications and encourage the dissemination of knowledge within both the scientific community and socio-economic communities;
  • Strengthen its students’ and graduates’ sense of identity with and pride in the School;
  • Enhance the visibility and image of the School in Canada and worldwide;
  • Continue to develop the School’s financial autonomy and to increase its resources.
  • The multidisciplinary professional programme prepares future managers for various responsibilities at the local, regional and international levels.