London College of Accountancy


19 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1N 6RA
London, UK
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Institute Description

Accountancy is a specialized area and the teachers at London College of Accountancy understand this fact far too well. That is why the college provides the best accountancy teachers, who give sound knowledge of accountancy to their students.

The teachers at the college explain difficult accountancy concepts in the most appropriate and easy manner. The college takes special care of you as a student and ensures that if you are taking their coaching to pass a particular exam, you pass in flying colours.

The college realizes the fact that for students to do well, the rooms at the college where they study should be spacious with fresh air flowing in from all directions. This kind of atmosphere helps the students to study well. The campus of the college also has a separate study area where students can study in peace. This area is very useful when you are preparing for an exam. The computer facility provided by the college is also very famous among its students. The students can not only work on the computers but also have unlimited access to internet. With various software like Tally being widely used in all firms, this practice on the computers is very useful for the students.

The college also provides consultancy services to its students. So, If you have any difficulty in accountancy or any other matter related to the college or any other problem that is not letting you study properly, you can always consult people at the college, who will give you the best advise.

The college also provides various facilities to its overseas students so that they can also make use of their services.