Kaizen School of Business Management (KSBM)


A-04, Shiv Ganga CHS Ltd., R.K. Thakur Road, Near Haveli, Dahisar (East), Mumbai - 400 068, Maharashtra, INDIA
Mumbai, India
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Institute Description

Lifelong and Correspondence Learning programs reach out to a worldwide community of learners of all ages and provide access to opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth that is the core mission of Kaizen School of Business Management.

Flexibility in time and place, variety in delivery methods and credit options, and creative use of the best in technology make these programs unique.             
Kaizen School of Business Management (KSBM) believes that the managers of tomorrow should be people of vision. They must be well equipped with knowledge, skills and inspired to lead.

Kaizen School of Business Management
  paves a path to early success in life through its fast track short duration correspondence courses.

These Courses consist of concepts and case studies that provide broad exposure to relevant business concepts and management specifics.             
Lifelong and Distance Learning has been committed to taking the institute’s vision beyond the campus walls to serve its neighboring communities, the state of Maharashtra, the nation and the world.

Distance and “blended learning” at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, professional development for individuals and organizations, creative partnerships with groups inside and outside the Institute, and special programs are just some of the opportunities it offer.


  • To be a Top-class Institution for the pursuit of excellence in knowledge through learning and research as well as in character and service to humanity.             
  • To inspire students and employees to strive toward their highest potential.      
  • To provide private graduate education of the highest quality both in India and internationally, and in respect of the former to remain at the cutting edge of new-economy leadership education in coping with the complex demands of a continent in transformation.


  • Facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organizations through leaders, entrepreneurs and managers equipped with state-of-the-art management knowledge.     
  • To socialize managers in tune with the demands of industry and the business environment
  • To understand the social, economic, political, technological and ecological environment of modern society and their characteristic values.
  • To provide opportunities for higher education for those already in some gainful employment.        
  • To widen and diversify access to a flexible, innovative and cost-effective system of education to the ever increasing number of learners who, either did not have the opportunity of University education or for some other reasons cannot engage in full-time studies.